Our Expertise

For your projects, we apply our 10 years of experience and consolidated know-how to transform your product from concept to reality. We will help you navigate the hurdles associated with international manufacturing and logistics.

To ensure we can provide the lowest cost and quality components, we established direct purchase agreements with our major suppliers for all BOM items. We also maintain relationships with over 100 suppliers in Mexico, US, and Asia to ensure a stable supply. Aside from purchasing, controlling, and supplying the key BOM components, we established direct agreements with small, mid, and large capacity assembly factories, allowing “best-fit” for all size projects. We maintain and verify quality using our in-house staff during the design phase with DFEMA and PFEMA documentation, from which control plans and SOPs are created. We send our Quality Support staff to supervise every production and final assembly. With our unique “factory-less” business model we offer our customers better quality along with cost efficiency not obtainable with single-mode factories. This allows us to put more effort on supporting customer needs by planning, and executing production for on-time delivery, with the highest quality product at the lowest cost.

Product Development

We turn your idea into reality. The process starts with a thorough product audit, which informs a comprehensive industrial, mechanical and electrical design plan. We then establish routine checkpoints to share 3D renderings, electrical specifications and prototypes to keep you up-to-date throughout the process. This is your idea; Swift-Info is here to help you bring it to life.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Our team’s goal is to ensure your product is designed with reliability, safety and material availability for the life of the product. All products must pass material, operational and electrical safety requirements. Swift-Info’s firm understanding of worldwide engineering requirements allows us to ensure time and cost efficiencies when seeking certification. 

Software & Firmware Engineering

Software engineering is as important as electrical and mechanical engineering to maintain integrity over future upgrades. Swift-Info’s software development and testing standards were built to ensure stability upon release with no loss in previous operation or experience. Release notes, test case results and version backup are published with every software upgrade. 

Component Sourcing

Swift-Info’s expertise in component sourcing allows tight control of each project’s bill-of-materials, which results in maintaining constant supply and costs for the duration of the project. By combining our purchases we are able to deliver a lower cost to our clients. Swift-Info maintains inventory control of components used in mass production and supports return merchandise authorization for up to seven years.

Quality Assurance

Swift-Info’s quality assurance team makes sure no quality is lost when moving to mass production. We create quality plans, standard operating and testing procedures, calibrate assembly line tools, conduct pre-production training, preform line readiness assessments and supervise every mass production run as if it was the first. As part of Swift-Info’s commitment to continuous improvement, we analyze and deliver production yield and defect reports to increase product quality for each assembly. Swift-Info is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified provider.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Product support doesn’t stop with the assembly of your product. Swift-Info offers an RMA center in California to process your in-warranty or out-of-warranty claims. We also offer field technical support and testing to help your customers, as well as complete product repair.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.